Chapter One Hundred Two

Hercules the Greater was no longer interested in kicking soccer balls or shooting hoops, He was focused on studying the music.

He sold all of his sporting goods to buy musical instruments.

He gave up the Hercules the Greater nickname and asked to just be called Herc.

Herc played a lot of guitar and almost no basketball. Mrs. Kennedy never missed a chance to hear her boy play.Herc102

Chapter One Hundred One

Bogus Wilson developed a little swagger after winning the watermelon eating contest and enjoyed the increase in attention it earned him. This also inspired a greater attention to hygiene.

Booger Wilson asked Becky Showalter to the Fall Ball at General John G. Pershing Elementary School.

She said no the first five or six times, but is the event approached and her prospects dimmed she asked him during Mrs. Castillo’s current events class. He agreed to go with her.Herc101

Chapter One Hundred

The first day back at General John G. Pershing Elementary School may have been light years away from the last day of the last year of class. Tectonic plates seemed to have shifted so drastically that no one recognized each other. In some cases, they didn’t recognize themselves.Herc100

Chapter Ninety-Nine

This being the last summer before eighth grade Hercules the Greater was expected to join Hercules the Lesser and Booger Wilson and their classmates in the watermelon eating contest.

Hercules the Greater took a seat between Booger Wilson and Hercules the Lesser.
When Louise shouted “GO!” the boys began to eat.
Hercules the Greater used a white plastic spoon and ate slowly.
Hercules the Lesser couldn’t even finish the slices they gave him.
Booger Wilson won by long chalk.

Booger was still eating when the tent emptied and everyone went home.Herc99

Chapter Ninety-Eight

At the end of every summer the entire town got together for a weekend of carnival fun and the fishing derby.

Most years Mr. Pulaski won the fishing derby and Mrs. Kennedy won the pie contest for Blue Ribbon Blueberry pie.

She made the exact same pie every year and Roger (who always had the good fortune to be chosen as judge) always gave her and her pie The Blue Ribbon

Mr. Kennedy was never anywhere around.Herc98

Chapter Ninety-Seven

Hercules the Lesser counted the days in August just waiting for Labor Day.

Labor Day meant school was just around the corner and everything was going to go back to normal. This year might be slightly less normal due to the fact that he had friends and were entering the eighth grade. This would be their last year at General John G. Pershing Elementary School.

Hercules the Lesser was also concerned about where Janice Coraopolis would be attending high school.Herc97 (1)

Chapter Ninety-Six

Booger Wilson loved to spend his summer days near the old creek behind Wally’s Fill ‘em Up Station out on Highway 101.

Sometimes he caught frogs and brought them home where he created a small safe place for them to live. By morning most of the frogs had hopped back to the creek.

Booger Wilson was happiest when he was around the gentle woodland creatures that lived by the old creek.