Chapter Eighty-Two

Easter for the friends and neighbors of Hercules the Greater meant fancy clothes and fancier food and the epic Easter Egg Hunt.

In the early days of the town’s existence, the fancy people held their Easter Egg Hunt in the city park. The less than fancy people held theirs down by the river.

Every kid in town – regardless of the family finances – got at least one hardboiled egg and one chocolate egg.

These days the fancy people celebrate Easter at the river – often in the canoes or on little rafts. The less than fancy celebrate in the park where they can move the long wooden tables into the shade of the tall oak trees.

Janice Coraopolis was one of the first people in modern times to cross the line when she left her family out at the river to hunt eggs with Hercules and his family.Herc82.jpg

Chapter Eighty-One

He was surprised that she called him just Hercules. He knew what the other kids called him. What he didn’t know was why she didn’t. This tugged at his heart just a bit.

He thought he felt her heart tug when she intertwined her fingers with his.

“Hercules,” he whispered to himself.Herc81

Chapter Eighty

One morning – despite himself – Hercules the Lesser turned to Janice Coraopolis and asked her if she had any family pets.

“We have a chocolate lab named Rambo,” she said

“No, I mean a real pet,” he said. “Not a candy one.”

“You’re so funny, Hercules,” she said.

She took his hand in hers and they walked to General John G. Pershing Elementary School just like that.Herc80.jpg

Chapter Seventy-Nine

Hercules the Lesser wasn’t sure when or how Janice Coraopolis started walking him to school. He was walking along one day and there she was. She fell into step with him and they walked side-by-side for a few paces.

He slowed down to let her get ahead of him – she slowed down. He sped so he could put space between them so she sped up. He stopped. She stopped. They walked to school – side-by-side – in silence.

The next day she was waiting for him on the corner and she fell right into line. He didn’t speed up or slow down. He just kept walking.

Before long Hercules the Lesser memorized every crack in the sidewalk all the way to the front door of General John G. Pershing Elementary School.Herc79

Chapter Seventy-Eight

When the snow melts and the buds begin to bloom you can usually find Hercules the Lesser on that stretch grass in front of General John G. Pershing Elementary School playing catch with Louise. She didn’t mind because he wore his winter gloves under his mitt and she didn’t have to hold back when she threw the ball to him.

They never played for too long, but it was always very special time for them. They rarely talked. Hercules the Lesser mostly granted and moaned. Louise mostly hummed songs that made her smile. When he spoke = on this particular day – Louise was a bit taken aback.

“How do you know if you’re in love,” he asked between catching and throwing.

“You just do,” she said.

“I guess I do,” Hercules the Lesser said and smiled at his friend.

Louise smiled back at him. She wound up and threw a celebratory fastball and then she watched him chase it into a puddle.


Chapter Seventy-Seven

Eileen kept licking the inside of her hand in order to make it moist enough to hold Hercules the Lesser’s cowlick in place. Mrs. Pulaski borrowed a suit from her brother Andrew. Between grooming attempts – Eileen helped with some dance moves and some basic party etiquette. She eventually gave up on the cowlick and started rifling through drawers looking for scissors

“I’m not gonna let one little cowlick ruin a good ‘do,” she said to no one.

Hercules the Lesser didn’t even move.


Chapter Seventy-Six

Hercules the Lesser walked back into Miss Kravitz classroom. He stopped and said to Miss Kravitz, “You’re not gonna believe what just happened to me. You’re not gonna believe it!”

“Please tell, Hercules,” she said.

He sat down on the bench and put his head down on the black lacquered keyboard cover.

“This is the best day of my life,” was all he said.