Chapter Fifty-Eight

“Who?” someone asked.

“Hercules Pulaski,” Grumpy said as he walked toward Hercules the Greater with the crown.”

“I’m not Hercules Pulaski,” Hercules the Greater said. “I am Hercules Kennedy.”

“Stop playing, Boy,” Grumpy said. “Put on the dang crown and get up on the dang float.”

“I’m not him,” Hercules the Greater said. “He’s not here.”

Everyone looked around. No one was sure they would have even been able to pick the other Hercules out of a crowd. He was certainly not in this crowd.

“Can someone please find him?” Grumpy asked.

“I’ll get him.” Booger Wilson said

He pivoted on his heal and began to trot toward the home of Hercules the Lesser – Hercules Pulaski.

Everyone else just stood around scratching their heads trying to figure out what had just happened.Herc58.jpg

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