Chapter Twenty-One

The Halloween dance was always a disappointment for Hercules the Lesser. His mother squeezed him into the same red rocket costume year after year. No kid wants to be the same thing year after year especially if it’s the exact same costume only now it’s worn out and a little dilapidated.

When Hercules the Lesser was a toddler someone gave him a pop-up rocket ship book. The first time he opened it he was startled by the brightly colored paper rocket that popped out of the pages. What he was showing was pure panic. What his mother saw was excitement. Soon she was bringing home every spaceship book she could find.When it came time to dress him up for Halloween she made him a red rocket jumpsuit of his very own.

That costume lasted four Halloweens before she was forced to start patching it. Every October 22 she pulls the old suit out of the closet and gets it ready for another year. She loves her Little Red Rocket Ship. Herc21

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